Analisis Faktor-Faktor Determinasi Pasar Benih Kelapa Sawit Di Indonesia

Tony Liwang*, Arief Daryanto**, E. Gumbira-Said**, Nunung Nuryartono**
* Plant Production and Biotechnology Division, PT SMART Tbk., Jakarta
** Manajemen dan Bisnis, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Bogor.
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The development of oil palm (Elaeis guinensis Jacq.) industry in Indonesia was very fast, especially within the last decade. This rapid development was in line with the increasing of land used for oil palm plantation and the availability of oil palm hybrid seeds. Until 2009 the demand of oil palm certified hybrid seeds was beyond its supply which has resulted into the usage of the illegal oil palm seeds with low quality. One of the strategies to solve the shortage of certified hybrid seeds was to increase the number of seed producer in Indonesia, so that since 2009 the oil palm seeds produced domestically was over supplied. However, the usage of illegal oil palm seeds was still taking place.
Therefore, this research was designed to analysis the determinant factors of oil palm seeds market in Indonesia based on consumer's demography profile, purpose and frequency seed purchase, costumer satisfaction level and seed compatibility. This research was based on the survey taken from the respondents in the regency of Siak, Kampar and Rokan Hulu, province of Riau. Selection of the respondents was used the convenience sampling method and later on by judgmental sampling. Slovin method was used to determine number of respondent. Data was analyzed using descriptive analysis and ordinal logistic regression analysis. The results of data analysis shown that the amount of sold
seeds was depend on demographic factors, i.e. gender, education level, activity and consumer status in company, but not age of consumers. The purpose and frequency to purchase the oil palm seeds were negatively correlated to the number of sold seeds. Moreover, the level of customer satisfaction has significant effect on the number of sold seeds.
Keyword: consumer, seed, oil palm, determinant factors, analysis of ordinal logistic.