Pengaruh Pembelajaran Organisasi Dan Motivasi Kerja Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan Koperasi Syariah

Muchni Marlikan
Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Indonesia Malang
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This research is carried out in Sharia Cooperation. The aims is to study and analyses the influence of learning organization and workers' motivation on workers' performance at Sharia Cooperation in Malang Raya. Unit analyses in this research are 33 Co-Operation unit which is spread over Malang Town, Malang Sub-Province, and Batu Town. Research Population are 170 workers who works as employees of Moslem Law Co-Operation ( BMT). Sample size is selected by using proportional technique or sample balance (118 workers). Data are analysis by using SEM
(Structural Equation Modeling) and use the program of software of computer of data processing AMOS (Analysis Of Moment Structure) v.4.0. The Result of research indicates that 1). The Learning Organization has an positive and significant effect to employees' performance, it is proved by the standardized value (0,526) and p-value (0,00 2). The Work Motivation of employee have an positive and significant effect to employees' performance too, and it is proved by the standardized value (0,391) and p-value (0,00). The research conclusion is still needed the development of co-operation
science in relation with adopting economics theory and co-operation management with the public vision (conventional) and also Moslem Law Islam. While practical implication from this research is the improvement of human resources as an effective strength in facing the competitiveness of Moslem Law Co-Operation (BMT) as a whole.
Keywords: learning organizational , work motivate, employees performance