Minimisasi Biaya Produksi UD. Amino Malang

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Jurusan Manajemen Fakultas Ekonomi UMM
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This study, entitled “Cost of Production Minimization at UD. Amino Malang”. The purpose is to determine the exact amount of production in July, August and September 2011 which having minimize cost of production. Analysis method is the Linear Programming Simplex Method approach. The method of linear programming is a mathematical method or technique that is used to assist managers in making decisions regarding the determination of the amount of labor, raw materials, capital machinery and working hours. Based on the method of Linear Programming, it can be known that the amount of normal production in July 2011 at 120.404 units, the number of normal production in August 2011 at 118.800 units and the amount of overtime production in August 2011 at 8.325 units, the number of normal production of 123.987 units in September 2011 and the company bear the total production cost at least Rp. 114. 840. 069, -.Keywords: total production, production cost, minimization.