Analisis Kepercayaan Nasabah Pengguna ATM

Yeni Dwi Meilianasari
Jurusan Manajemen Fakultas Ekonomi UMM
This study aims to determine the user’s ATM customer Trust and ability to determine the effect of variables, variable benevolence, and variable integrity of customer Trust. The respondents are consumer of the Bank. Data collecting uses questionnaires and distributed to ATM customer who have used it for their daily transaction. The analysis tool used is a logistic regression analysis. Survey results reveal that the variable ability, benevolence variables significantly influence the integrity of customer Trust. The most dominant variable is the variable effect of kindness. This research customer must know the things offered by the bank and the bank until there arose a belief in the bank will choose to save their money.

Keywords: ability, benevolence, integrity, and customer trust.