Presepsi Keadilan Kompensasi Terhadap Komitmen Organisasional Melalui Kepuasan Kerja


Wilujeng Rahayu
PT. PG Rajawali I Unit I Krebet Baru Bululawang, Malang


Fairness has an important relationship to the concept of commitment, but has only received little attention in the Human Resources Management literature. Basic question about the relationship between fairness and organizational commitment are whether there is a variable between these to constructs or whether there is direct influence. Previous literature has revealed mixed results. Locke Luthan (1990) state that the relationship of fairness in the form of an award contingent and non contingent on organizational commitment through job satisfaction. The goal of this research is to test and prove that perception of fairness compensation affect on organizational commitment through job satisfaction. The research was conducted at PT. PG Rajawali I Krebet Baru Bululawang, Malang. There the entire employee population is fixed and using random sampling techniques the study obtained 358 respondents. Three variables are collected using questionnaires and interviews: the perception of compensation’s fairness, organizational commitment and job satisfaction. The data is analyzed using path analysis and regression. The results show that perception of compensation fairness has a positive and significant impact on organizational commitment and a significant positive effect on job satisfaction. Job satisfaction has positive and significant impact on organizational commitment. Perception of compensation fairness has a stronger influence on organizational commitment if the relationship is direct rather than the indirect influence job satisfaction as a mediating variable. From the results of indirect influence perception of compensation fairness to the commitment through satisfaction can be interpreted that the employee reminds not imported level of job satisfaction, but employees feel that fair compensation from the company will further enhance employee commitment to the organization.

Keywords: compensation fairness perceptions, job satisfaction, organizational commitment.