Analisis Penanganan Kredit Macet


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Program Studi Manajemen FEB UMM


Non-performing loans are loans with certain risks caused by debtor’s failure to perform his/her pobligations. In banking activities, non-performing loan could be affected by internal as well as external factor. The risk of non-performing loan will be reduced considerably by the prudential principle and other credit analysis principles are fully followed by bank as the creditor. This describes how the bank especially PT BRI (Persero) Tbk. Branch at Lamongan, managed and approved the applications of loan submitted by its prospective debtors. The models and methods used by the bank to handle credit default were also explored in this study. To deal with non-performing loan, PT BRI (Persero) Tbk. Lamongan Branch used several methods, namely Credit restructuration, amicablesettlement involving the direct selling of collateral as well as legal settlement involving KPKNL (The Office for State Assets and Auction Service) were utilized to handle credit default.

Keywords: Non-performing loan, credit default, credit settlement