Peran Kepercayaan Dan Komitmen Terhadap Aliansi Pemasaran


Efriginha da Costa Assuncao
Prodi Manajemen FEB UMM

The tourism industry was not an industry which stand alone but rather consists of various components interrelated.  Implementation of tourism system could run perfectly when the components were mutually supportive to each another.  Opportunities in exploiting tourism potential and challenges in facing competition required each company did the right strategy. Intense competition between companies in taking advantage of tourism opportunities has prompted the company to implement  competitive strategy, such as marketing alliances with several related companies to tourism business. Factors affecting the success of marketing alliances included the factor oftrust and commitment. This study aimed to determine the effect of trust and commitment to the marketing  alliance.This research was descriptive with number of sample consisted 19 hotels. It classified in to 6 Melati Hotel  Class I, 8 Melati Hotel Class II and Class 5 Hotel Bed III. The primary and secondary data were collected by questionnaire and documentation. The  analytical method was path analysis. Based on the results, it was concluded that the mutual trust and commitment influenced  marketing alliance.

Key Words: trust, commitment, alliance marketing.