Alumni Profile & Data

The UMM Management Alumni Association (IKAM UMM) was formed on March 8, 2009 and was recognized as part of the UMM alumni association. The management period of UMM IKAM in one period is 3 years, until now the management has changed 3 times. Elections for the 2017-2020 solemn period were held on December 23, 2017.

IKAM organization includes Central Management at UMM and Regional Management. Every 2 years, IKAM holds an alumni gathering in Malang and every 5 years holds a Grand Reunion at the University level. In addition, incidentally, the Management Study Program invited IKAM administrators during New Student Orientation Week, Curriculum Workshop, and BAN-PT Accreditation Field Assessment and at the International Accreditation Study Program, namely AUN-QA (ASEAN).

Almuni's participation in supporting the academic development of study programs includes donations of funds, donations of facilities, involvement in academic activities, network development, and provision of facilities. Facility donations include several practicum supporting equipment such as white boards, reference books and other learning needs.