Center of Excellence (CoE)

The design of Management Study Program graduates has applicative abilities (hard skills) as well as communication and socialization skills (soft skills), currently being developed in the SKKNI-Based Curriculum and has begun to be implemented under the name OBE-MBKM-Based Curriculum.

Through this curriculum, the Management Study Program, which has received AUN-QA recognition, is a step from the Management Study Program to enter and compete in the international market. The graduate profile is the achievement target that must be met by the Management Study Program, by following the university tagline which is the basis for joint steps with UMM Pasti.

This joint movement focuses on students to fill the needs of human resources in the world of work, the State and the general public (National and International) and must be prepared since the education process at UMM. Under these conditions, the Management Study Program must be able to become a more advanced Agent of Change if a superior class is determined, which is termed a Superior School in the form of a Short Course or Center of Excellence (CoE).

There are two Center of Excellence (CoE) classes from the Management Study Program, namely:

  1. Supply chain management
  2. Tourism and Hospitality