Field Work Experience

  1. Real Work Lectures (KKN), hereinafter referred to as KKN, are activities carried out by UMM undergraduate students which are a combination of educational activities, field research and community service.
  2. KKN is held by the University every semester and must be taken by UMM Undergraduate students and is guided by a KKN supervisor.
  3. The place to carry out KKN is determined by the UMM Community Service Institute.
  4. KKN participants are undergraduate students who are at least in semester 6 and have taken 100 credits and have taken research methodology courses or similar courses.
  5. The weight of the Real Work Lecture Credit is 4 credits which is carried out for at least 1 month of debriefing and 1 month at the KKN location.
  6. KKN evaluation and assessment is carried out based on the KKN Implementation Guidelines.

With the experience of doing community service, it is hoped that students will also be able to produce works from the results of the service that has been done. The results of community service for Management Study Program students can be seen through the following link