Management Study Program Student Facilities

The facilities provided by UMM are quite good in terms of quality, quantity, and renewability. In order for the teaching and learning process to run smoothly, the Management Study Program also provides good learning facilities, such as: classrooms, learning equipment and supplies.



Lecture rooms are used together with other study programs, at UMM the lecture building is called the Joint Lecture Building (GKB). The Management Study Program occupies GKB II which has 40 classrooms. Each class has a capacity of 50-55 students. Whiteboards, LCDs and internet networks are available in every classroom as a means of teaching and learning. The available classes are quite extensive, so they can be freely arranged and changed as needed during the teaching and learning process.

Management Journal Publication Room


The Management Study Program has facilities for publishing research journal articles and also service journals for students. Publication facilities can also check for plagiarism using Turnitin software to check student papers or thesis.

Student Facilities

Other facilities to support teaching and learning activities such as libraries, laboratories, banks, health services, and so on can be seen here.