Alumni Activities

Alumni of the Management Study Program play a role in providing input on improving the quality of education such as in Curriculum Workshops, developing practical modules and learning processes both in the classroom and in the laboratory as practitioners, in accordance with ELO 4, namely being able to evaluate, make decisions, and communicate the results of their work appropriately and be able to develop networks , both inside and outside the organization. The majority of Management Study Program alumni are independently members of professional organizations by becoming presenters at various seminars, workshops, or workshops.

Alumni participation also supports non-academic activities such as expertise assistance as mentors or trainers in assisting students in the field of talent interests, especially in the Management Student Association's activity agenda in sports, arts and religious competitions. Alumni also play a role in the development of networks that are carried out to expand the reach of management study programs both domestically and abroad. The alumni network is very useful in providing information on the activities of the Management Study Program, the UMM Management Alumni Association (IKAM UMM), and student affairs. The existence of social media is also very helpful in helping the management of alumni in every region in Indonesia, especially in tracer studies and stakeholder feedback.