Final Project - Thesis

Thesis Writing Guidelines

Download the Management Study Program thesis writing manual here 

Advisory Lecturer Decree

The Even Semester Supervisory Lecturer Decree 2022/2023 can be downloaded at the following link :

Proposal Seminar Registration Form

For all Management Study Program students who have received approval for their seminar proposal from supervisors 1 & 2, they are required to fill out the proposal seminar registration form and have previously confirmed the availability of rooms at the Faculty

Terms of Plagiarism Manuscripts

For prospective graduates who have carried out the Comprehensive Exam and want to take care of independent Validation in the Management Study Program, they must first collect the Final Project file/database to the Journal Room of Business Management and Entrepreneurship (JAMANIKA) on the 2nd floor next to PPM Management by bringing the thesis and publication script softfile consisting of:

  • Cover & Scan Authentication Sheet
  • Chapter I to Chapter V
  • Indonesian Language Publication Manuscript (According to the template for the Journal of Business Management and Entrepreneurship)
  • English Publication Manuscript (According to the Journal of Business Management and Entrepreneurship template)

Note: The journal writing template can be downloaded from the Journal of Business Management website ( Details of writing the publication manuscript can also be seen in the author guideline.

  1. Plagiarism check results from Turnitin software (in the form of pdf) obtained from LIP
  2. Collect 1 hardcopy of the published manuscript (in Indonesian and the results of the plagiarism percentage are attached at the very back) and bound according to the format.

Journal Room Service every Monday-Friday starting at 10.00 – 12.00 WIB., or you can contact Ms. Khusnul Rofida (0857 3311 5076) during working hours.


Final Project