International Orientation

The international orientation began in 1999-2000 when Management Study Program opened English language classes in collaboration with the Faculty of Commerce, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Furthermore, the international orientation design in 2018 was formulated into a Management Study Program Vision statement, namely: "By 2030, becoming an excellent and recognized Management Study Programme in Southeast Asia based on Islamic values". In this vision, the key word ''recognized in Southeast Asia'' indicates that Management Study Program has launched an international orientation that is acceptable and has equality with other management study programmes from universities in ASEAN, including obtaining recognition from the ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) on April 18-20 2018. Achievements in AUN QA improve Management Study Program's branding, thereby attracting prospective students.

In accordance with this vision, Management Study Program designed an international-oriented curriculum, namely: International Business, International Marketing, International Finance, and Cross-Cultural Management. In addition, Management Study Program also applies the use of English literature, opens English classes and adds Mandarin to Foreign Language Specific Purposes (FLSP) lectures. Then, in order to increase students' international insight, Management Study Program has a Field Study programme for multinational companies in Indonesia, including: Otsuka, Nestle, Unilever, Coca Cola, Yakult, Sari Roti, Chil Jedang, and Kutai Timber Indonesia.