Supporting Unit


One of the facilities provided by the University of Muhammadiyah Malang to students of the Management Study Program of the Faculty of Economics and Business is the existence of a management laboratory. This laboratory was established to support and accommodate various activities of the Management Department which are curricular and non-curricular in nature from the management laboratory. The activities carried out are developing education and teaching, as well as developing skills such as student skills, so that students are expected to be creative, skilled and able to analyze various problems and be able to make managerial decisions.

Learning in practical activities in the management laboratory is one of the important components to get good learning outcomes. Whether or not students are effective in learning and their ability to participate in learning can be seen from their learning outcomes. Measurement of student learning outcomes in the learning process includes three domains, namely, the cognitive domain (knowledge), the affective domain (attitude), and the psychomotor domain (skills). Activities held in the practicum are expected to provide "value added" for various parties, especially for management students.


The Management Development Center is an institution under the coordination of the Management Study Program that accommodates thinking, coaching, and scientific development in the field of management. This institution functions as an organizer of scientific studies in the field of management, research in the field of management and community service that is oriented towards community empowerment efforts in the field of management. Besides this, the Management Development Center is also a supporting institution for the Management Study Program in:

  1. Designing, formulating policies to determine the educational paradigm in accordance with the vision and mission of the study program.
  2. Designing the development of Study Program lecturers in accordance with their competencies, education degrees and academic positions.
  3. Provide information services and scientific journals for lecturers and students
  4. Support the Study Program in carrying out other activities in accordance with the functions and tasks set out in the vision and mission of the study program.