New Student Registration Information

Procedures and Requirements for New Student Registration for the Academic Year 2022/2023


  1. Open the UMM registration page at 
  2. Create a Registration Account (for those who have never registered at UMM the previous year) to get a registration PIN
  3. Make payments according to the Virtual Account (VA) number and according to the provided Bank (BNI, MANDIRI, and BANK JATIM)
  4. Complete biodata, upload certificates (for 2019-2021 graduates) and for 2022 graduates, upload 4/5 semester report cards or graduation certificates if they already exist, with a maximum file size of 2 Mb
  5. Upload color photos with a maximum file size of 100 Kb
  6. Downloads & print the E-Card (If you can't, please contact the PMB WA Center)
  7. Conduct Online Tests (Psychotest and TPA) for Non-Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy and Non Achievement Pathways
  8. Waiting for the results of the announcement and her-registration (re-registration)


General Terms:

  1. High school graduate and equivalent (Year 2019-2022)
  2. Islamic Boarding School graduates are required to have a Muadah Diploma/State Diploma/Package
  3. Upload certificates, in 2022 you can report cards, SKL or diplomas)
  4. Paying the Registration Fee:
  5. S-I / Vocational: Rp. 400,000,-
  6. S-II / Master Degree: Rp. 500,000,-
  7. S-III / Doctoral Program: Rp. 600.000,-
  8. Profession Nurse, Pharmacist, Physiotherapy: Rp. 450.000,-
  9. Engineer Profession: Rp. 750.000,-

Fill in the bio on the page

Special Terms:

  1. Academic Achievement (Graduates 2022): Upload Semester I-V Report Card.
  2. Non-Academic Achievements (Graduates 2019-2022): Upload Supporting Achievement Certificates.